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Corrigan & Klein Artisan Builders, 296 Old Orchard Way, Warren, VT  05674

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Warren, Vermont 05674


Corrigan & Klein Artisan Builders is a Timber Framing company focusing on sustainable building practices, local products, and healthy environments.  We build quality fine homes.


Who We Are


Founded upon the principles of sustainability, and integrity, we use the highest quality Vermont lumber, slate, and stone to build your legacy.  We care about the health and wellbeing of our world and our clients', which is why we use natural building materials such as native hardwoods and softwoods for timber and lumber instead of processed materials such as SIPS or pressure treated wood, natural forms of insulation such as Roxul or Cellulose instead of Spray Foam, and Vermont Natural Coatings and Heritage Natural Finishes instead of other brand pollys and varnishes.

Building to Last

Furthermore, we believe "building to last" is the easiest way to reduce our impact on the earth and the stress associated with homeownership.  To this end we promote slate roofs, from slate quarried in Vermont and just over the border in New York, that last 150 to 200+ years!  That said, if you are set on a steel roof, which has good longevity as well, we are happy to accommodate you whatever your preference may be. We also recommend proper wood varieties for specific applications to maximize rot resistance and structural integrity.  We avoid the use of plastics based products as well as products shipped from great distances.  We believe in reducing the carbon footprint of the building industry while increasing the standards of durability, longevity, and health associated with new home construction.  Much can be said of green building initiatives, but on the whole far too many petroleum based products make it to the market masked as "green" products.  We filter the fakes and get you the best materials for the best prices.  


Our master Builder, Taylor Corrigan is a true artist.  He will design for you or with you.  Be part of the creative process if you like or give us some guidelines and we will design for you, or bring you architectural drawings to us and we will work with your architect to create a frame that provides you the spaces you have already imagined.  

Taylor is a master of several forms of building including compound timber frame joinery, meaning you can have dormers, varied roof pitches, cantilevered rooms, cupolas, and more and still maintain the "timber frame" throughout the building process.  If you prefer only to have a partial timber frame, for example a great room, master bedroom, or a porch it can easily be tied into existing construction and/or a conventional stick framed building.

The oldest and grandest buildings in the world are made of Wood and Stone.  Get back to the basics, build your new home literally from the ground up.